Street Sweeping and Catch Basin Program

During 2013, Pennichuck Water Works (Pennichuck) worked with Comprehensive Environmental Inc. (CEI) to investigate the feasibility of and cost associated with establishing an agreement with street sweeping and catch basin cleaning vendors to offer discounted services to businesses within the watershed compared to Pennichuck purchasing the equipment and providing the services themselves. The study focused on commercial and industrial properties within the watershed because they contribute a significant amount of sediment and phosphorus loads to the water supply. Total pollutant loads and potential reductions were calculated as well as street sweeping and catch basins cleaning costs for the commercial and industrial properties identified. The results of this study indicate that it is currently more cost effective for Pennichuck to rely on outside vendors to perform street sweeping and catch basin cleaning for commercial and industrial properties throughout the Watershed.

2013 Pennichuck Brook Watershed Commercial/Industrial Sweeping/Catch Basin Cleaning Feasibility Report (pdf)