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Pennichuck Water Service Corporation (PWSC) offers a wide variety of services that benefit our clients with the expertise obtained from operating over 150 water systems throughout Southern NH and Northern MA. Each client is different, from small residential housing developments and businesses, to large towns and cities. Our clients may choose any combination of services we provide, and will be handled uniquely, based on its specific needs.

PWSC has personnel available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for your convenience. We will ensure you are always in compliance with state and United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) rules and regulations.

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List of Services

Customer Service, Billing & Collection Services

PWSC offers professional, full-time Customer Service Specialists to assist customers in all facets of the water industry, including water quality, usage trends, billing issues, payments, rates, and much more! Customer Service is available Monday through Thursday between the hours of 7:30am-7:00pm and Friday 7:30am-5:00pm. These representatives are trained on our customer database, which has the ability to maintain property and customer records, audit changes on accounts, track past, current, and future (pending) owners, log customer calls tracked by type (i.e., water quality, returned check, usage trends, etc.), and track meter inventory.

Each business segment is assigned a Billing Specialist who will provide timely exception reports for no readout or skipped reads, monitor high, low, or no usage accounts for follow-up and resolution, as well as review and process monthly/quarterly billing of volumetric, minimum charge fire service, hydrant, and wastewater based on metered water usage, miscellaneous billing for specific fees, interim billing for property transfers, and electronic bill presentation.

Account Receivable Specialists handle the daily processing and reconciliation of cash receipts, daily deposits to the entities bank account, and managing direct debit and online payment options for customers. Pennichuck also has the ability to send customers past due and disconnect notices, make payment plans, and handle the municipal liens process.

We will provide reports for daily cash, monthly system reconciliation, detailed aging reports, consumption and sales reported by customer class, unaccounted for water tracking, sales by charge type, customer note reports by type, and Consumer Confidence Reports.

Additional services we are able to provide are appointment scheduling, meter testing, and our Cross Connection Program.

Meter Testing

PWSC offers meter testing services for Sensus and Neptune water meters utilizing the American Water Works Association testing protocols. Meters are delivered to the Pennichuck meter shop where a chain of custody documents will be prepared. We can make arrangements for a delivery service to transport meters from your location to our testing facility. We have the ability to test meters 5/8” through 2” on our two meter test benches. We are able to test ten meters simultaneously with 5/8” to 1” meters, and four meters simultaneously with 1½” to 2” meters. We are also able to repair or rebuild Neptune meters up to 2”.

Meter Testing Bench

Cross Connection and Backflow Services

Cross-Connection between water supplies and non-potable sources of contamination represents one of the most significant threats to health in the water supply industry. Pennichuck’s Cross Connection Program includes monitoring, testing, and reporting both high and low hazard backflow devices in accordance with the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection rules and regulations. The purpose of this program is to maintain public safety by preventing the introduction of any substance other than potable water from the intended source. We offer cross-connection surveys and backflow device testing to aid in the efforts to prevent any cross-connections.

Water System Contract Operations

Pennichuck employs highly professional, State certified employees to provide you with the finest experience possible. We can deliver cost effective solutions to your water systems operational requirements. Coupled with overall water systems operations, Pennichuck is capable and experienced to assist with Distribution System, Treatment and Source of Supply capital needs planning. We will also assist in completing Phase 2 and Phase 5 waiver applications. Pennichuck has a well-established and professional relationship with State regulatory agencies.

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Laboratory Testing

Pennichuck offers laboratory testing for bacteria, inorganic chemicals (IOC’s), radiologicals, radon gas, nitrates, synthetic organic compounds (SOCs), and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). We will consult with you if there are any water quality issues. We also prepare and provide Consumer Confidence Reports for you. We will continue to monitor your water system to ensure it is in compliance with the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s rules and regulations.