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Why would one want a career in the water industry? What does it look like to be a professional in the water industry?

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These are important questions to ask when searching for a career as a water industry professional. Water is a necessity for life, and as such, provides for a career that has far reaching opportunities and potential. The ability to provide clean, safe drinking water through a public water system is a complex endeavor, and is getting more complex as time goes on given water quality and shared resource concerns. For the correct individual, it has a vast amount of opportunities that can provide a growing, rewarding, and lifelong career.

When searching for a career, many individuals are interested in finding an organization that allows them to contribute to their communities in a meaningful way. Our industry provides a service that is vital to the world we live in, and allows its employees to strive to make that world a healthier, better place to live. Whether it is for cooking, cleaning, drinking, or recreational activities, everyone we care about needs water, and we have a duty to our community to ensure that our water is of the highest quality, and meets all State and Federal standards.

Being a professional in the water industry can mean many different things to different people. This industry has a career waiting for you, whether you are interested in construction, accounting, engineering, information technology, environmental sciences, customer relations, water treatment… the list goes on and on! Each career path has its own educational requirements, whether it is keeping up to date on licensing, getting a degree in a respected field, or participating in continuing training to better yourself and your organization.

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Pennichuck is an equal opportunity employer and it is our policy to hire, train, promote, and otherwise provide terms and conditions of employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, pregnancy, disability or veteran status. All employment decisions are based solely on valid requirements, in accordance with the principles of equal employment opportunity. For more information about EEO Regulation, click here.

Pennichuck is a participant in E-Verify. This is a system that checks hires against government databases to ensure the potential employee is able to legally work in the US.  Please select the follow links to learn more information regarding this practice: