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Pennichuck Corporation (“Pennichuck”) is engaged in the collection, storage, treatment, distribution, and sale of potable water in southern and central New Hampshire.  Pennichuck is a closely-held corporation with a sole shareholder, the City of Nashua.  We have two operating business segments: regulated water utility operations and non-regulated water management services. We are headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire, which is located approximately 45 miles north of Boston, Massachusetts.

Our mission is to be a premier supplier of water in New Hampshire by providing reliable, high quality, and affordable water in sufficient quantities, and to be New England’s premier supplier of water related contract services by providing high quality solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

Our Company, which was incorporated in New Hampshire in 1852 as the Nashville Aqueduct Company, later was renamed Pennichuck Corporation.

Pennichuck Corporation is a holding company with five wholly-owned operating subsidiaries; Pennichuck Water Works, Inc., Pennichuck East Utility, Inc., and Pittsfield Aqueduct Company, Inc., which are regulated by the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission, and two non-regulated companies, Pennichuck Water Service Corporation and The Southwood Corporation.

Pennichuck Water Works, Inc.

Pennichuck Water Works (PWW), the largest subsidiary, was established in 1852 and serves the City of Nashua, New Hampshire and 10 surrounding New Hampshire municipalities located in southern New Hampshire with an estimated population of 110,000, almost 10% of the population of the State of New Hampshire.

Pennichuck East Utility, Inc.

Pennichuck East Utility (PEU) was organized in 1998 and serves 19 communities, most of which are located in southern and central New Hampshire.

Pittsfield Aqueduct Company, Inc.

Pittsfield Aqueduct Company (PAC), which we acquired in 1998, serves customers in the town of Pittsfield, New Hampshire.

Pennichuck Water Service Corporation

Pennichuck Water Service Corporation (PWSC) provides contract billing, management and operations services for customer-owned water systems. Currently, PWSC has operations and management agreements with the towns of Hudson, NH, and Woodstock, NH, as well as provides customer service, billing, and collection services for Amesbury, MA and Rowley, MA. PWSC is also the certified operator for approximately 75 non-community municipal water systems, providing laboratory testing, monitoring and consulting services.

The Southwood Corporation

The Southwood Corporation (TSC) is a real estate holdings subsidiary, with ownership of a portfolio of approximately 450 acres of land located in Nashua and Merrimack, New Hampshire.

On January 25, 2012, Pennichuck ceased to be a publicly traded company when the City of Nashua became the sole shareholder(PDF).  Pennichuck’s structure is unique, not only in New Hampshire, but throughout the country.  As a closely-held private corporation, owned by the City of Nashua, Pennichuck is not a department of the City.  Articles of Incorporation(PDF) and Corporate By-laws(PDF) dictate how Pennichuck is governed.  As a duly organized corporation, the Company has a structure that allows for a Board of Directors which provides oversight of the Company’s management team.  The Board, consisting of from 7 to 13 members, must have at least 5 individuals who are residents of the City of Nashua, at least 1 individual who is a customer of Pennichuck and not a resident of Nashua, and at least 1 individual who was nominated by the Merrimack Valley Regional Water District.  Additionally, no Board member can be an elected official of any of the communities that the Company serves, and cannot be an immediate family member of any elected official.  All directors serve 3-year terms, on a staggered basis, and are subject to shareholder approval for election or re-election, at the Company’s Annual Shareholder Meeting. The Board of Directors meets on a monthly basis throughout the year and also holds essential Committee meetings periodically throughout the year. Please click here to view a list of our current Directors, or click here for additional corporate governance reports.

Interns Working OutsideCommunity Outreach
Pennichuck strives every day to be a good corporate citizen within the community, and throughout the region, and as such, places an emphasis on its role in the water industry within New Hampshire. Our staff is involved in regional and national organizations within the water industry, which helps promote a healthy future for our precious water resources. We consistently strive to ensure that our employees are well equipped and focused in their respected fields.  We truly understand that preserving and protecting our water resources for future generations is highly dependent on attracting talented young people to the water industry. Pennichuck looks to promote careers within the water industry through a number of ongoing community outreach efforts and partnerships.  We begin with educating area youths as young as 4th and 5th grade about the importance of water through our Watershed School Education Program. We also work with local high schools, colleges, and universities to provide internships and co-op programs to students interested in learning about the vast career opportunities the water industry has to provide. In these efforts Pennichuck looks to bring opportunities to our community not only for today, but for the future of our water industry.


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