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Direct Payment FAQ

What is Direct Payment?
Direct Payment is a reliable, confidential, and efficient, electronic payment alternative to paper checks. When you use Direct Payment, you authorize a company to electronically collect a payment from your checking or savings account to pay a bill.

So instead of writing a check every month or quarter, your financial institution (bank or credit union) will automatically make the payment for you.  The withdrawal will come from your account on the due date as specified on your bill. 

Why use Direct Payment?
You will save time preparing your payments, save money on postage and check fees, eliminate the chance of a late payment, and save time balancing your bank statement.

How much will Direct Payment cost me?
Direct Payment is a service provided by Pennichuck at no additional cost to the customer.

Is Direct Payment safe and confidential?
Direct Payment is more confidential than writing checks.  When you send a check in the mail, it is estimated that from start to finish, 12 to 16 people will touch your check. With Direct Payment, no one does.

How will I know the amount of the payment?
You will receive your water bill as usual.  However, you will not need to send payment.  On the bill you will be notified of the date your payment will be withdrawn from your account.  This will typically be 20 days from the bill date.

What if there is a discrepancy between my bank statement and the water bill I received from Pennichuck?
Notify your bank immediately. You have up to 60 days from your bill date to notify your bank in person, by telephone, or in writing of an unauthorized payment or an incorrect payment amount.  You may be required to provide a written confirmation within 10 days.  If the bank needs more than 10 business days to investigate and resolve a matter, it must credit the amount in question to your account during the investigation.  You can also contact Pennichuck's Customer Service Department
(603-882-5191).  We may be able to resolve the issue for you.

What if the amount of the bill is incorrect?
Contact Customer Service immediately and we will be able to determine if there was an error. Your options are to have us terminate your automatic withdrawal or call your bank to stop payment before it's posted to your account. This will allow you time to research the matter further.

Can I stop a single payment without canceling the service altogether?
Yes. When your bill is issued to you, the amount of the bill is not deducted from your account until your bill due date.  To stop a payment, call our Customer Service department (603-882-5191) at least 5 days before the due date, and have them cancel the debit.  You will still be set up for Direct Payment for your next billing period.

How do I discontinue my Direct Payment arrangement with Pennichuck Water?
Once you are signed up, you can cancel your Direct Payment arrangement any time by either a written request, telephone call, or an email to Pennichuck. Pennichuck requires 5 days notification prior to your bill due date to terminate your direct payment arrangement.

How do I sign up for Direct Payment?
Just fill out the Direct Payment Form and mail it back to Pennichuck.